Swrve Deepens Partnership With Salesforce To Bring Rich Mobile Campaigns To Marketing Cloud

Swrve has expanded its integration with Journey Builder from Salesforce to enable enterprise marketers to execute true multi-channel campaigns. The expanded integration brings Salesforce users sophisticated mobile messaging capabilities, and the ability to trigger real-time mobile 1:1 push and in-app campaigns directly from Journey Builder, in addition to predictive mobile analytics like optimal time delivery.

This builds on top of Swrve's existing integration that delivers real time sync of customer mobile data and insights with their existing Salesforce profiles. Enterprises powered by Salesforce's robust marketing cloud can now reap the benefits of the most sophisticated mobile strategies available, as consumer and professional life becomes increasingly focused on the smartphone.

"Mobile isn't 'on the rise' or 'enjoying explosive growth' anymore; it's the new paradigm," said Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve. "Every enterprise in the world wants to connect with its customers at the most personal level, and that means having to interact with them on their mobile devices in a highly tailored way that really resonates. With so many leading businesses built firmly around the Salesforce engine, it made sense to expand Swrve's sophisticated mobile engagement and analytic capabilities with the Marketing Cloud. The types of companies who live on Salesforce will also be the ones to benefit most strongly from the rich, mobile first interactions that Swrve facilitates."

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